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Do as many others, get certified in MakeMyStrategy™


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We made it easy for you, who are an external adviser, fx a consultant, board member, accountant, lawyer etc. to use MakeMyStrategy™ with your clients.

We also conduct certification courses for the one responsible for strategy in the company, which means this person becomes a superuser of the tool.

On the certification course you will learn about what creates the tool, such as concepts, methods, theories, unique functions of the tool and how to use it. You will also get inputs for your own role and forward-looking opportunities.

The certification course costs 850€ + VAT and takes place one day from 8:00-16:00.

Do you want to be certified, then contact os for more information. We conduct certification courses the entire year.

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“MakeMyStrategy™ is a genius tool, when we help our clients with a strategy process. It spares you a lot of work, as you are guided through the classic strategy process, while you get to incorporate other tools from fx Innovation Labs “Tools for transformation-series” – the GrowthMap or MotivationMap.

By using MakeMyStrategy™ the energy is used on the actual work on developing strategy, and you have all necessary material gathered in one place. It is even easy to correct over time, so the strategy becomes alive and adjust to the development the company experiences.”

Per Lolk

Partner and Lab Agent, Innovation Lab

Per Lolk