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People with passion for strategy that changes the world


We democratise the strategy work.

There are multiple reasons why companies don’t always succeed or don’t use their full potential. The reasons can be that the company lacks a clear strategy, a concrete plan of action or it needs to merge different strategy materials into a coordinated common plan of action. 

Our goal is to give equal access to strategic resources and reduce inequality, for all to have the opportunity to use their full potential.

Our mantra is: Let us enrich the world together.

Sustainable Development Goals as business goals

 MakeMyStrategy™works for equal access, improved access to resources as well as strengthened technological opportunities – all withing strategy.

By using MakeMyStrategy™you make a difference, as you contribute to minimizing tree and water consumption, CO2 emission and the amount of garbage.

Equal access

Improved access to resources

Strengthened technological opportunities

Less tree and water consumption

Less CO2

Less garbage

Who is behind MakeMyStrategy™ 

FounderSanne Markwall
Sanne Markwall
Founder & CEO

Sanne Markwall

Sanne is a tech-entrepreneur and founder of MakeMyStrategy™. Sanne has more than 20 years of practical experience in rethinking services, products and developing companies. Sanne has with MakeMyStrategy™ systematized, structured and created a formula to the work with strategy, and this is especially convenient for small and medium-sized companies.

Before Sanne started as an entrepreneur she was co-founder and CEO in the company Vinderstrategi A/S, which has accomplished a number of strategy projects since 2009. Previous Sanne worked with business and concept developing as well as implementation in the financial sector, including Letpension, Nordea Liv & Pension (now Velliv) and Jyske Bank. Sanne has practical hands-on experience from a successful implementation of a new retirement product in 100 banks, 12.000 councellors and 225 mentors of change. In addition, Sanne has practical leadership experience from board of directors.

Sanne is an expert in strategy and change manager, who is able to transform and execute a strategy in practice – and she gladly shares from her knowledge and experience. Sanne is 100% authentic, and she has the courage to engage and use her knowledge, experience, drive, intuition, and empathy to achieve results.

We are growing, so if you are interested in a job at MakeMyStrategy™, you are welcome to send us an email.

Sanne Markwall

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The journey of MakeMyStrategy™

  1. October 2018
    Sanne gets the idea for MakeMyStrategy ™
  2. April 2019
    MakeMyStrategy™ ApS is established and the IT development begins
  3. Marts 2020
    MakeMyStrategy™ is launched and the first company signs up
  4. September 2020
    The first business partner is affiliated