Take control of the development of your business

With MakeMyStrategy™ you digitize the work process for the development of your company. You can both prepare and continuously update your plan so that you are constantly on the right course.

In other words, you expand your strategic preparedness so that you always have an up-to-date decision basis and thus can promptly handle changes.

You get a practical SaaS tool, based on best practice, recognized strategic models and the book “Strategy in Winning Companies”.

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Get access

Choose the subscription that suits your company's current situation and need. You and desired people get online access to the process and document management tool, in which you can create the company's strategy plan. The tool keeps its focus, and you can always access and work with it 24/7.

Start your plan

You are led through a simple flow, based on acknowledged models, to ensure a thorough work with every corner of your company. On the way, you can incorporate relevant material that affects the strategy, and have it collected in one place.

Ready to use

Once you have created your strategic plan, you can access the plan on your account, download it or share it with your colleagues. You can always correct, add or change without starting over. The tool shows where your corrections have consequences, and when you have corrected according to the consequences, everything is summarized into an updated strategy plan, including updated action plans.

Online process and document management tool

Dynamic strategy work  

Creating a strategy plan can often be cumbersome. There are many factors to keep track of, it can easily become complex and often ends up in the drawer because it is vague and difficult to keep updated.

But why spend so much time on something that ends up in the drawer? With MakeMyStrategy™ the complex is handled so that you can easily and simply create and continuously correct your strategy plan - and then you constantly have a concrete updated action plan.

Smart flow

MakeMyStrategy™ provides a digital facilitation of the strategy work. You are safely guided all the way, and you won't have to worry about the next step. The tool creates structure, overview and summarizes the work, for you to concentrate on qualifying the content – and following the Smart flow.

100% online

Your strategy plan is version controlled and saved in the cloud. This makes it accessible wherever you are. You achieve easy access, optimal flexibility, agility, real-time strategy and increased efficiency of teleworking. You have full control and you are independent in the strategy work - you are able to react quickly to changes.

Users love the digital strategy tool

MakeMyStrategy™ is based on more than 20 years of experience, acknowledged strategic theories and the principles from the book “Strategy in winning companies” written by the authors Jørgen Lægaard and Mikael Vest. The book is used to educate in college and is based on experience from about 600 strategic processes.

"One of the results of the strategy process is a new area of business that soon will be launched. We have with MakeMyStrategy(TM) discovered new ways to grow and learned how to reach even more customers."

Dinna Arbo
Dinna Arbo

Champagne for alle A/S

“It is such a user-friendly and lovely guiding format. I am really impressed, and I have for the first time written things down, that I have had in my head for nine months. Thank you!”

Maria Mejnertsen,

Founder and CEO,
Art Not Alone

“It is clear to feel the amount of professionalism, that has been put into the system and we will warmly recommend the online strategy tool.”

Andreas Knudsen
Chairman of the board,
Grotrian A/S

"...results in you getting to build a complete strategy plan for your company... It will never be easy to make a strategic plan – but this tool makes it significantly easier.”

Henrik Busch
CEO & Chairman,
Busch on Board

“Normally, this work demands help from consultancies. Now you can decide when to work with the plan, and you get to be involved 100% in all considerations.”

Peter Lund Olsen

Owner and CEO,
Knudsker El ApS

“MakeMyStrategy(TM) provides an amazing basis for decision to companies that desire growth, capital or face significant strategic decisions.”

Mogens Birch-Larsen

Founder and CEO,
ConsulTeam Management ApS

We cooperate with a number of independent consultants and others, who are certified in using the tool.
They can help you getting started with MakeMyStrategy™.

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  • Per Lolk

 Do you advise on strategy or are you responsible for the strategy?

We made it easy for you, who are responsible for the strategy, external adviser, consultant, board member, accountant, lawyer etc. to use MakeMyStrategy™.

Do you want a course tailored for your company, or do you want a seat on one of our certification courses? You are welcome to contact us for more information. 

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